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Teaching Methodology

  • The college aims to provide quality education to the students through career counseling, personality development, spoken English programs and make them able to compete in the job market.
  • Before beginning of the programs the students are given opportunity to familiarize themselves with subject by giving a brief idea about various topics of the syllabus.
  • If the Students does not have basic concept about the topic then the teacher first teach them the basics and then start teaching the topic assigned. Slow learners are allowed to resolve their difficulties with faculty members after the class. Faculty members also provide notes to the needy students.
  • Interactive teaching methods (use of internet, projectors, power point presentations etc.) by the faculties help the students in better understanding of the topic. Students are encouraged to participate in competitions like quiz, debates, elocution etc. at various levels.
  • Teachers of each department are entrusted to collect and analyze the data on the academic performance of students .Each faculty provide special care to students.
  • Class room evaluation is periodically done by the faculty members.
  • Faculty members organize departmental seminars and workshops with active involvement of students.

e-Learning– In Corona Pandemic

Teachers and students enter a new world of virtual lectures and worksheets as the lockdown brought about by the corona virus shuts down schools and colleges. The e-learning poses a challenge to both teachers and students over technology and keeping everyone busy with worksheets, video lectures and assignments. Our Institute provides notes, important questions, study material etc. to the students through website and by other sources.

Online Classes

Keeping pace with ever changing education format, St. Wilfred’s P.G. College offer online classes facility to our students covering all subjects of their courses. Our most experienced and learned faculty members handle the reins of this newest and completely virtual form of teaching. We firmly believe that challenges like COVID – 19 cannot bridle young scholars’ learning zeal. Hence with real time online classes as well as lectures available on college website, we keep on edifying our students. Our online classes help students to study conveniently according to their own learning tempo.

Conferences and Seminars

To equip the students of current generation with new-age research and development, technologies and make them expert according to the industry demand, St. Wilfred’s PG College ensures regular International and National Conferences, Seminars and workshops on various subjects. Conferences and Seminars provides latest information about the things which are happening in students’ field of interest .University professors, Corporate professional, Entrepreneurs, and Intellects from around the country interact with our students and encourage their innovative perspective towards the subject.

Guest Lectures

St. Wilfred’s P.G. College emphasis on making students academically brilliant and trendsetter team players. We prepare them for real life corporate world. Following this idea we invite many intellects like software professionals, HR Executives, bankers, musicians; motivational speakers etc. who provide valuable information to students and help them spruce up their act.

Business Plan Presentation

St. Wilfred’s PG College firmly believes that students must be prepared to become future leaders. We concoct their entrepreneurship skills by encouraging them to draft new business plans. Business plan presentations make our students think over practical applicability of their subjects and to understand the details of startups. Many young industrialists mark their presence in this activity to enlighten students with their realistic experiences and learning related with different dimensions of business.

Group Discussion

We give high prominence to group discussion as our academic activity. In group discussion, the participants sit facing each other almost in a semi-circle and express their views on the given topic/issue/problem in-front of our experts and assess the team. Group discussion is a co-operative group process. It improves student’s thinking, listening and speaking skills and team spirit. It encourages students to be abreast of the current events, International and National affairs, burning social and economic topics, scientific and environmental issues, key newspapers’ controversial topics and any experience that may be expected of an educated person.

Remedial Classes

Each student is different in terms of academic performance. Absence in class due to unavoidable reasons may also create a problem for students in catching up the ongoing lecture. Such problems are addressed at our college with scheduling of remedial classes. Here, faculties solve subject related queries of students at individual level.

Sunday Classes

With the prime objective of course completion according to the schedule and to give good enough time for revision of the course, our team of dedicated faculties arrange special Sunday classes right from the beginning of the session. It helps students to keep a regular pace of study and to avoid the over pressure of studies during examination period.