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Principal Message

Dr. Fareeda Hasani

I welcome all my students in the renowned college of St. Wilfred’s Group of college

At St. Wilfred's College, we arm our students with high skills, knowledge, moral values, technological supremacy and cultural legacy.

Since 2001 till date, we have produced several entrepreneurs, leaders, sport players and many other achievers who are today placed at influential positions.

I wish all of you for your best future to make all of your dreams true.


Dear Students,

As the Principal of St. Wilfred’s PG College, I extend a warm welcome to each one of you.

Education is a journey that transforms individuals, shaping them into competent and compassionate members of society. At our esteemed institution, we are committed to providing you with an enriching academic experience that goes beyond traditional learning. Our focus is on fostering innovation and meeting the evolving needs of the globalized world.

Throughout your time here, our dedicated faculty will guide you through a curriculum designed to enhance your intellectual abilities and prepare you for the challenges of the third millennium. We believe in nurturing not just academic excellence but also instilling values that contribute to the betterment of our beautiful world.

The college is not just a place of learning; it is a community where each member takes pride in being part of something greater. As you embark on this intellectual and emotional odyssey, I encourage you to seize every opportunity for personal and academic growth. Be determined to preserve the legacy of knowledge and contribute positively to the world around you.

Wishing you success in all your endeavors.

Dr. Fareeda Hasani

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