Beyond Classroom

Beyond Classroom

The teaching methodology at St. Wilfreds PG College incorporates various activities outside the classroom to instill professional and inter personal skills among students to face the competitive world, some of these activities include educational trips, industrial visits, N.S.S.,Guest Lecturers, Seminars & Workshops.

Living off minimal resources

If anything, college life surely teaches students to live off minimal resources. It is highly unlikely that you will find yourself a private accommodation whether it be college hostel or some PG. Sharing is the very basis of college life. Moreover, with all the expenses that come with being a college student, money left to spend on luxuries and entertainment is very less.

Exposure to the outside world

One of the biggest learning’s of the college life beyond its classroom is in the exposure it provides you. Your college campus is like the mini version of the outside world. People from varied background, different personalities, different thought process and cultures.

Science Exhibitions –“SCIENCIA”

Science exhibition is an inseparable part of our extra-curricular activities. To give a platform for student’s innovative and creative ideas in various facades of science we regularly organize science exhibitions at inter college level. Here, every student brings their new and smart ideas in the form of working and nonworking models to showcase the public. This activity not only helps students to have an in-depth knowledge about the subject but also improves their presentation and communication skills.

Tours and Excursions

We at St. Wilfred’s College acknowledge the fact that there has been a paradigm shift in the teaching methods. Apart from the classroom study, exposure to the real world also keeps its due importance in student’s life. Hence, we organize educational tours, industrial visits and picnics for our students. An educational tour/field trip helps students to experience first-hand the concepts which help in long term retention of the knowledge. With an aim to go beyond academics, industrial visits provide students a practical perspective on the world of work. It provides students with an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. Along with that, picnics help students’ to reduce stress and make strong and healthy bonds with their batch-mates. During these outings our faculties encourage students to gain a new perspective on the world.

Personality Development Classes

Personality development classes at St Wilfred PG College are useful in building a strong personality that focuses on solutions rather than the Problem. These classes help to build a positive attitude, potential to achieve goals, strong will power and punctuality. It helps the students to develop a healthy lifestyle and stay peaceful. These classes also help to improve leadership qualities thus carving out a strong, dynamic and result oriented personality of the student.

Conferences and Seminars

To equip the students of the current generation with new-age research and development, technologies and make them expert according to the industry demand, St. Wilfred’s PG College ensures regular International and National Conferences, Seminars and workshops on various subjects. Conferences and Seminars provides latest information about the things which are happening in students’ field of interest .University professors, Corporate professional, Entrepreneurs, and Intellects from around the country interact with our students and encourage their innovative perspective towards the subject.

Guest Lectures

St. Wilfred’s P.G. College emphasis on making students academically brilliant and trendsetter team players. We prepare them for the real life corporate world. Following this idea we invite many intellects like software professionals, HR Executives, bankers, musicians; motivational speakers etc. who provide valuable information to students and help them spruce up their act.

Business Plan Presentation 

 St. Wilfred’s PG College firmly believes that students must be prepared to become future leaders. We concoct their entrepreneurship skills by encouraging them to draft new business plans. Business plan presentations make our students think over practical applicability of their subjects and to understand the details of startups. Many young industrialists mark their presence in this activity to enlighten students with their realistic experiences and learning related with different dimensions of business.

Group Discussion 

We give high prominence to group discussion as our academic activity. In group discussion, the participants sit facing each other almost in a semi-circle and express their views on the given topic/issue/problem in-front of our experts and assess the team. Group discussion is a co-operative group process. It improves student’s thinking, listening and speaking skills and team spirit. It encourages students to be abreast of the current events, International and National affairs, burning social and economic topics, scientific and environmental issues, key newspapers’ controversial topics and any experience that may be expected of an educated person.

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